NVivo Lessons



I can help you become an expert in NVivo through my one-to-one training.

The ability to use data analysis software is among the top requirements for research-related jobs. I have experienced this first hand – I have worked as a researcher for a number of top universities (e.g. Oxford and Edinburgh) and participated in large-scale studies funded by organisations such as the British Council and Erasmus. Having used this software in a number of projects I have been involved in, I cannot imagine conducting professional Qualitative data analysis without it – it will not only enable you to save a lot of time but also to take your project to a completely new level.

The best thing about this is that it is not nearly as complex as most people think it is – I was shocked when I found out what you can do with your data with literally just a few clicks! Once you understand the general layout of NVivo and the ways the software works (and I will make sure that you do!), you will soon be surprised with how your own analytical thinking transforms and how you start thinking of your data in terms of these new tools. 

*Please note, that you need to have your own copy of the software

Please use the form below if you have any questions about these lessons, or to describe what specifically you would like to learn (I normally respond within 24 hours)