Dissertation Support

Your dissertation is one of the most important assignments you will complete in your student life – after all, it is the assignment that will make you pass or fail your course!

This added pressure, alongside the already existing pressures of student life are enough to cause even the most studious person to run screaming for the hills. Of course, that’s a bit of an exaggeration – instead of freaking out, you could instead contact me 🙂

I assist students with planning their dissertation and conducting their dissertation research. In addition to what I described in One to One tutoring, I will teach you about the structure of a dissertation paper and will explain its individual sections and chapters, advise on the ideal research design to investigate your research idea and provide support throughout your data collection and analysis.

I will not write your dissertation for you! I want this to be a learning experience for you and would like you to become a self-confident scholar by the time you finish.

To book these lessons, as well as to find out about a dissertation support “package”, please go to Win Win Tutoring website and book a lesson with me.

If you have any questions, please contact me by completing the form below (I normally respond within 24 hours)