Research and teaching experience



2017 November – now Research Assistant – University of Oxford

I am currently involved in a project aimed at creating an online networking platform and a data-base with teaching resources for teaching English as a Global Language (

2017 January – October Research Assistant – University of Oxford

I worked on a project entitled “Global Englishes Language Teaching (GELT): Bridging the gap between theory and practice”. This is an investigation into the attitudes, and the reasons underlying these attitudes, of pre-service English teachers on an MSc TESOL programme towards GELT before and after taking the Global Englishes for Language Teaching option course via questionnaires, interviews and focus groups. My responsibilities included analysing interview and focus group data, analysing open-ended questionnaire responses, composing data tables and visualisations and describing the data analysis procedures and results.


2016 Research Assistant – The University of Edinburgh

Dr Heath Rose (University of Oxford) and Dr Nicola Galloway (The University of Edinburgh) employed me as a research assistant for two funded projects that would lead to book and article publications. My responsibilities included:

– Typing a large amount of written material (39 students’ reflections on presentations about the global varieties of English, 46 students’ reflections on a debate about the same topic and 129 students’ poems about the global spread of English)
– Inputting the data into NVivo 10
– Organising and sorting the data
Both were extremely satisfied with the timing and quality of my work. References are available on request.

2015-2017 Research Assistant – The University of Edinburgh

I was employed by Dr Nicola Galloway to help with a variety of projects (other than the above). My main responsibilities included: analysing qualitative data in NVivo 10 and 11, creating codes, thematic frameworks and visual representations, producing reports of data analysis procedures and moderating focus groups.

The most recent project was entitled “Internationalisation, Higher Education and the growing demand for English: an investigation into the global English Medium of Instruction (EMI) movement and the use of academic English as a Lingua Franca (ELF) in non-Anglophone Higher Education Institutes (HEI)” (funded by the British Council English Language Teaching Research Partnership Awards).

This project aims to explore the differing conceptualisations of the internationalisation in higher education through policy analysis and observations. It also investigates how English, and EMI, is both used and viewed by staff members and students via questionnaires, interviews and focus groups.

My responsibilities included: analysing the data from 63 interviews, 13 focus groups and open-ended responses from 600 collected questionnaires, producing a report on the data analysis procedures and co-authoring a book chapter and several journal articles based on selected results from this project.

2015 – 2016 ELF Teacher Development Project

I collaborated with Dr Nicos Sifakis (Hellenic Open University) and Prof Yasemin Bayyurt (Boğaziçi University) to introduce their large ERASMUS + funded project aimed at educating English teachers in light of the global spread of English as a lingua franca to the Polish context. I developed partnerships with secondary schools in Poland, recruited participants, organised and jointly co-ordinated teacher development workshops and was responsible for monitoring the participants’ progress throughout the programme.

2013-2016 PhD Research – The University of Edinburgh

My PhD study was a mixed methods research, consisting of both qualitative and quantitative components, and included interviews, electronic journals and questionnaires. I used a detailed grounded theory approach to analyse the qualitative data set (20 participants) and to create a theoretical framework, which was later tested with a quantitative questionnaire (378 respondents). I used NVivo10 for the qualitative, and SPSS22 for the quantitative, data analysis.



December 2017-
Academic Tutor
WinWin Tutoring (

At WinWin Tutoring, I provide online academic support to graduate and post-graduate students. The services I provide include:

– Tutoring/Advising on a variety of aspects of research planning and implementation (research design, theoretical underpinnings, choosing methods of data collection and analysis, sampling techniques, etc.),

– Tutoring and advising on other TESOL-related courses and issues (e.g. teaching methodologies, curriculum design, language testing, SLA theories, etc.)

– Developing self-confidence and Critical Thinking skills,

– Discussing/recommending relevant literature, – Assisting graduate students with assignments and dissertation planning,

– Proofreading,

– Developing presentations and presenting skills,

– Career advice, developing academic portfolio, CV, cover letters.

September 2016 – December 2016
Second Language Teaching Curriculum (SLTC) tutor
The University of Edinburgh

I was nominated for Edinburgh University Students’ Association Teaching Award for teaching on this course. The students appreciated that I asked for written feedback during the course and “responded to it professionally, swiftly, and with great concern for the students” (as cited in my Teaching Award nomination), and praised me for making the course “more accessible” (ibid.).

– Leading tutorials on SLTC course which is a core element of large MSc TESOL programme at The University of Edinburgh
– Marking written assignments
– Marking oral group presentations (part of the students’ course assignment)


September 2012 – June 2014
ESOL Teacher
Frederic Chopin Polish Centre in Edinburgh

– Teaching English to a variety of learners at elementary level, aged between 18 and 55
– 2 classes of around 15 people taught once a week for 2 hours
– Syllabus design (I designed 36 lessons to be taught between September and June)
– Materials design (I combined some materials from existing textbooks with my own lessons and teaching materials and tailored them to the needs and context of my students)
– Conducting needs analysis
– Monitoring individual learners’ progress through regular observation and assessed activities and assignments

In this newly established and publicly funded language school, I was in charge of designing the syllabus and lesson plans, as well as selecting the methods of assessment and teaching materials. I conducted a detailed needs analysis and planned the course accordingly.


June 2008 – July 2011
Teacher of English as a Foreign Language
Dr P. Rahn and Partner – private language school, Zielona Gora, Poland

– Teaching English as a Foreign Language (EFL) to various levels of learners (Elementary, Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate)
– 5 classes of around 10 people taught twice a week for 1 hour