2013 – 2017 PhD Education (Full-time)

The University of Edinburgh

Supervised by Dr Nicola Galloway and Dr Joan Cutting

Thesis title: ‘I can express myself, but not my self’: Investigating the English Language Identity of Polish migrants in Scotland’
Research suggests that the Polish migrants in Scotland do not integrate well with the local communities and tend to work below their qualification and education level. This is alarming, given the Government’s goal of retaining migrants as a way to address the issues of Scotland’s aging population and insufficient labour force. I investigated the relationship between the migrants’ sense of self and the English language to test the hypothesis of the way they perceive themselves as users of the language influences many aspects of their experience, including socialization practices and professional standing. I used the findings to initiate a project entitled “Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Community Engagement: facilitating collaboration with the current TESOL provision in Scotland” (see the Other Relevant Experience section).


2011 – 2012 MSc TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) (Full-time)

The University of Edinburgh

Dissertation: ‘The relationship between having a native English teacher and identity as an English speaker’

This Master’s programme prepared me well to both work and conduct research in the context of teacher education, course design, materials development and language assessment. I developed knowledge of how to apply the theories of language teaching and learning to classroom instruction, assessment, materials development and curriculum design.

2006-2009 BA English Language Teaching

The University of Zielona Gora (Poland)