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About me

  • I hold an MSc TESOL and a PhD degree from the University of Edinburgh and I specialize in English language-related research.
  • I have experience in conceiving and conducting research projects, and I have worked for employers from a range of universities, including the University of Oxford and University of Edinburgh.
  • My research interests include intercultural communication, the implications of English as a Lingua Franca research for English Language Teaching (ELT), the relationship between English and non-native English speakers’ self-concept, self-esteem and identity. 
  • I facilitate lectures and workshops on various aspects of qualitative research, as well as offer one-to-one academic support to students. In the Blog/Videos section, I provide advice on qualitative research, inspired by the questions you ask me through my Facebook page.
  • I am one of coordinators of a large, multi-university project Teaching English & Teaching IN English in global contexts, which is an online academic network with teaching resources, reading material, online seminars, blogs, a student/alumni section and a forum to foster collaborative projects. It also aims to offer scholars a place to showcase their work and activities.



About this website

This website is my personal blog and portfolio, and its main aim is to provide resources related to Qualitative Research and Study Skills for students, researchers and academics.

As the many challenges of being a student, and then an early-career researcher, are still fresh in my memory, I am passionate about supporting graduate students on their path to becoming independent researchers, practitioners and future educational leaders. I provide online One to One academic/research support, and in the Blog section I share my knowledge, including various aspects of research design and related methodological questions, using NVivo for data analysis, or using other software that can assist you at various stages of your research planning and implementation (e.g. transcribing software or software for keeping a researcher’s diary). In my Facebook page,  I directly respond to the users questions about research.