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VIDEO – How to plan your dissertation?

Video – The basics of creating codes in NVivo

The following video is an extract from the “From zero to NVIVO” online course. In the video, I show the very basics of creating codes in NVivo. Feel free to ask me questions about NVivo, enrol in the course, or book private training with me! You can access the full course HERE        … Read More ›

Video – the role of assumptions in research

  In this video, I reflect on the role of the researcher’s assumptions in qualitative research. Is it desirable to have assumptions about what you will find in the data? Can these assumptions be harmful to your study and its validity? Can we even Not have any assumptions? I answer these questions and provide an… Read More ›

Video – Positivism and Interpretivism explained (briefly)

A lot has been said on Positivism and Interpretivism, and nowadays you can find a number of sources (academic books and journals, as well as blog posts and Youtube videos) about these, and other worldviews. In the video below, I briefly explain the differences between Positivism and Interpretivism. I also reflect on how important it… Read More ›