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Video – The basics of creating codes in NVivo

April 7, 2018

The following video is an extract from the “From zero to NVIVO” online course. In the video, I show the very basics of creating codes in NVivo. Feel free to ask me questions about NVivo, enrol in the course, or book private training with me! You can access the full course HERE        … Read More ›

“How do I know I’m coding well in qualitative analysis?” by Dr Nick Hopwood

I just wanted to share Dr Nick Hopwood’s post on coding in qualitative research: “coding can be incredibly valuable to us as qualitative data analysts. The problem is, it’s really easy to be busy coding but not to be doing so well. In this post I’m trying to spell out what it might mean to… Read More ›

Line-by-line coding in NVivo 10 and 11

  In this post, I explain how to do line-by-line coding in Nvivo 11 and how to overcome the limitations of NVivo 10 to apply this coding technique. Briefly on line-by-line coding Line-by-line coding refers to applying codes to each line of qualitative data (e.g. interview transcript). I find this technique extremely useful when I… Read More ›