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Dr Kriukow’s guide to how to boost your job prospects while studying

When I was a PhD student, I was lucky enough to have a supervisor who constantly encouraged me to get involved in a variety of activities which I did not, at the time, perceive as being relevant to my main concern – writing my thesis. She encouraged me to submit my first conference paper, to… Read More ›

Cognitive Interview

“In 1991, a Miami woman walking through the lobby of an office building casually noticed two men standing together. Several minutes after her departure, the men murdered a person working in the building.  Police investigators determined that the woman was the only person who had observed the two suspects and could possibly describe them.  In… Read More ›

Kill that Writer’s Block (3 strategies)!

I know that plenty has been written on this topic, but while the first 2 techniques that I propose below may or may not work for you, please do try the 3rd one, as it has really changed my life!   Breaking writing tasks into smaller ones. “The secret of getting ahead is getting started…. Read More ›

2 dilemmas of Grounded Theory (when to write the literature review and is it good to have “pre-existing knowledge”?)

The following questions were sent to me recently by one of you: I really like these questions, as not so long ago I was facing the same problem. Interestingly, the dilemmas described above have, in fact, been dividing Grounded Theory (GT) scholars for years… It is a common belief that since in GT studies the… Read More ›

Who Owns English and why is this important?

In September 2017 I was invited by the Polish Psychologists’ Association to facilitate a workshop for Polish migrants on Communication in English. I called this workshop “Expressing yourself and expressing Your Self in English” and I spoke about English as a Lingua Franca, links between language and identity, and why how we, Non-native English Speakers… Read More ›