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“Brace for impact!” – how to prepare for your Master’s program

August 16, 2018

So, you’re getting ready for your Master’s? Here is how you can prepare. I prepared this list based on my previous experiences of doing a Master’s, and then a PhD degree. If you are reading this, you are probably motivated to make the most of your studies, so I trust that you will be motivated… Read More ›

You have collected your data – now what? Deciding what to analyse in your data and what to present in your results and discussion chapters

  It is not uncommon to experience what this student described above. You have collected all your data (you may have also analysed some of it, at least initially) and now you are wondering what to do next. You may be wondering not only how to present it, but also what to present in the… Read More ›

Cooking up your Discussion chapter

  Some of you have asked me about the difference between the Results and Discussion chapters and this is also something I recently talked about to university students. The way I explain the difference between these two chapters to my students is through an analogy to cooking dinner. The results chapter is the prep stage… Read More ›

Research questions, research methods and philosophical assumptions

    “There are no right answers to wrong questions.” – Ursula K. Le Guin Research questions are central to every study. Not only do they help you develop the study in the right direction (to enable you to understand the situation you are trying to understand/solve the problem you’re trying to solve, etc.), but they… Read More ›

Researcher’s place and identity in Qualitative Research

“Arguably, in qualitative educational research, we, as researchers, sometimes underestimate our power and can be guilty of underestimating the power of our participants too and the rich data they provide. This is why I believe that these power relations should be clearly and unequivocally stated and them embraced as part of the research process where… Read More ›