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Cooking up your Discussion chapter



Some of you have asked me about the difference between the Results and Discussion chapters and this is also something I recently talked about to university students.

The way I explain the difference between these two chapters to my students is through an analogy to cooking dinner. The results chapter is the prep stage where you take out and line up all your ingredients so that you don’t forget anything. The discussion is the actual cooking, when you Make something out of these, otherwise unrelated ingredients (in your case, you Interpret and Reflect on your ingredients – the results of the analysis – and you “cook” the theory based on these ingredients).

So, in your Results chapter, you just need to clearly present all the relevant results of your analysis, and in the following chapter you Discuss these results and this is where your main contribution comes in. Nobody will admire a chef for simply preparing the ingredients – but they will if he/she cooks something nice with them 🙂

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